August 14, 2017


Terms of Service: 


If you sign up for a life coaching service, it is important for you to complete the full 6 months or 30 days to receive all the benefits of the service to help you achieve success in your life.  Additionally, it's important you are completely honest with me in every session.  If you cannot make a session, contact me 2 days in advanced, and you can reschedule. If you do not reschedule 2 days in advanced, there will be a fee of $20.00 for not showing up for session.  It's important for you to agree and follow to all of the contract rules for services.  It's important to keep a copy of the contract for yourself in case you lose the original copy for your own purpose and and for any legal purposes.  


The goal is to treat the life coach and client relationship as a professional relationship and nothing can go further than that.  I am not a counselor, and I am only a Life Coach that teaches you to solve your own problems and help you to set your own goals.  The goals for life coaching is to develop your own skills and do the work from the sessions you have with me.  The goal is to apply the skills you learn in the sessions and use it in your every day life.


There can be no slander, disrespect, verbal abuse, or profanity in the sessions.  As a life coach, I will respect you, and in turn, you will respect me in our sessions.  I am not allowed to give you advice, but only give you suggestions and teach you how to solve your own problems.  My goal in sessions is to give you the skills you need to make your life better, grow, and change.  


These are the rules and conditions of services, and I trust you will respect and abide by these rules to get the most out of life coaching sessions.  Remember that growth and potential is a process and takes time.  If I here that you are talking about suicide, then, I am obligated to refer you to someone for professional help.  If you talk about committing suicide and say you have a plan, then, I have to refer you or get you help to stay in a hospital or a facility.  The goal is to protect you and your safety.  


If I hear anyone talking about threats of homicide or killing someone, then I have to report it because I take this very seriously.  These are the rules and conditions of services, so we keep each other safe and I keep you in a safe environment and complete the services to help you change your life.


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